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FIG Racing Tech, abbreviated as FRT, is a new racing dedicated division of a small automotive company FIG.


FIG automotive created its first racing dedicated division, FIG-X back in 2007. FIG-X first ever racing machine was based on a prototype car SP6. The mechine was powered by a tuned V6 turbo-charged engine and running on rear wheel drive.


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FIG-X SP6 competed in the Super GT championship for the GT300 class in 2008. However, during the second qualification round, the SP6 encountered several technicals problem including transmission and brakes. Despite that, the team managed to qualify for the third round. The team's Super GT campaign met its end when the SP6 crashed at high speed in the third qualification round. The SP6 was a total loss but the driver, Tetsuya Ue was safe.

The FIG company was shut down in early 2009 along with its FIG-X division. 

After the company recent ressurrection in mid 2013, a new racing division was created known as FIG Racing Tech, or FRT.

SketchUp DTMEdit

FRT has announced to participate in the 2014 SketchUp DTM Championship, with only two machine. However, neither the racing machine nor the car it will be based on is announced yet.

Personels and DevelopmentsEdit

Owner, Hanzo W.J.


  1. Tetsuya Ue (JPN)
  2. Karl Baeur (GER)
  3. Allif M. Raub (MAS) (backup driver)

Development Partner:

  1. Gorilla Racing
  2. University of Tokyo

Common test tracks:

  1. Sepang International Circuit
  2. Fuji Speedway
  3. Nurburgring Nordschleife


Currently FRT 's sponsors are:

  1. Petronas
  2. Gigabyte
  3. Ogura Industry
  4. Maybank
  5. Sony
  6. Sapporo
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