Avantis Motors Racing TeamEdit

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The Racing team is a part of the Avantis Motors group, which build cars to take part to several races, and particularly to DTM and Rallye, like the Dakar.

All the cars of the Racing Team are based on Avantis models, like the well-known eXa and Sixteen.

Our carsEdit

The first Avantis racing car was the eXa DTM Mk1, and we decided to stay in the race to win other titles. But that season it will be more difficult, because some great makers like Zephyrus are coming ...

EXa Mk1 DTM 1

eXa DTM Mk1 with its rivals

The 2nd generation eXa DTM will be replaced soon by another model based on the eXa Mk3. You can see here the official presentation model of that car. 

But the eXa wasn't the only car to race under AMRT's colors, the Sixteen finished at the 2nd place at the 2011 Dakar rallye-raid.

Avantis eXa DTM 2012

eXa Mk2 DTM - Carbon Black Presentation

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EXa DTM Mk3 1

Avantis eXa DTM Mk3 2014

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